Our homes are reflections of our inner lives; the everyday objects that we choose to surround ourselves with, the subtle reminders of our hopes and aspirations, of our personal sense of beauty and coherence.  Mother and daughter, Shelley and Noelle, bring you the Source Collection.  We are dedicated to the notion that the everyday needn’t be just everyday, that functionality need not trump style and that the unusual or unexpected needn’t be unobtainable.

Our portfolio of home décor, furniture and glassware, fine linens for the bedroom and bathroom, finishing touches for the grand dining table or gracious living space, the little things that we love to stand out in the crowd all tell a story. Whether your personal style is traditional or avant garde, rustic or mod, muted or bright, it can always combine quality of materials, elegance in design, luxury in feel and the comfort of knowing it fits seamlessly with your story.

Source Collection is brought to you from boutique artisans and designers around the world. It combines the age old strengths of tradition with the arresting vigor of tomorrow’s new look. Quality, feel, the timeless marriage of functionality and style, and a commitment to the best in life underlay every aspect of the Collection.  We invite you to shop the Source Collection and hope that you find something to cherish.


Shelley & Noelle vacationing in California